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Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad Tourist Destinations

This is one of the biggest one man collection of antiques in the world. On display are the rarest antiques, breathtaking collection of paintings, porcelain, jewelery, carpets, weapons, howdahs, fabrics, sculpture, ancient manuscripts, toys, clocks, and many other artifacts besides beautiful European and Indian paintings and statuary.

Salar Jung museum is a delight for all those who have love for art. This museum exhibits more than 35,000 objects which are any art lover’s delight. Thew collection in the museum includes Aurangazeb’s sword, Daggers of Emperor Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Queen Noor Jehan, Chinese Porcelain, many Indian paintings and sculptures.

The Nizam’s Silver Jubilee Museum, Hyderabad Tourist Places

The Nizam’s Silver Jubilee Museum housed in the stately Purani Haveli Palace, comprises a fascinating collection of exhibits, mostly gifts and mementoes presented to the Nizam on the occasion of Silver Jubilee Celebrations in the 1937.

Andhra Pradesh State Archeological Museum, Hyderabad Tourist Destinations

Andhra Pradesh State Archeological Museum is located in the Public Gardens, it has the richest repositories of antiques and art objects arranged in galleries like, the Jain gallery, Bronze gallery, Armour gallery, Numismatics gallery etc and even houses an Egyptian mummy dated back 2500 BC.

Birla Planetarium & Science Museum, Hyderabad Tourist Attractions

Birla Planetarium & Science Museum is India’s most modern planetarium equipped with state of the art technology from Japan.